Beyoncé Shares First Pic of Newborn Twins Sir & Rumi

The heavens hath cracked open and bestowed upon us all our most desired wish: a glimpse of the hallowed offspring of one Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z Carter. We also have confirmation of their names, which are Sir and Rumi. Oh, and their birthday is June 14, confirming their Gemini twins status.

We are thinking Sir is the boy, but maybe don’t quote us on that just yet.

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Bey delighted her hive with an Instagram post early Friday morning featuring her and the twins standing in front of — oh yes — another Kentucky Derby-size floral arrangement.

“Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today,” Beyoncé captioned the photo. In it, she wears striking, billowy Palomo Spain fabric (in case you are keeping track of your Palomo Spain design sightings), but could be mistaken as being wrapped in floral curtains. She also wears an aqua blue veil, like ya do when you show off your babies for the first time to the universe.

This is the first confirmation of the twins’ names (remember when we all briefly thought they were “Shawn” and “Bea”? Silly, silly us) came after Beyoncé and Jay-Z filed trademark documents — like all harried parents do immediately after Baby arrives. The trademark documents are presumably to protect the twins’ names for future use on all things from fragrances to baby gear to bags and water bottles and cosmetic lines.

This is the way of the celebrity parent. You might want to get cracking if you have yet to file trademark documents for your mortal brood.

No word on how Blue Ivy, 5, is handling the role of big sister to the twins. Also no word on whether or not Blue Ivy giggles hysterically when she addresses her brother and sister as Sir and Rumi.

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Beyoncé’s parents heaved a sigh of relief that their daughter finally shared a photo of the twins. That’s a lot of pressure for any grandparent, to hold back on the baby pics.

“So Happy my baby shared a photo of her babies with the world,” said Tina Knowles.

So are a whole mess of people. Twitter is predictably delighted — and predictably hilarious — about the twins’ reveal.

We await with bated breath the next glimpse of the twins. Maybe ones where they’re not lost in an armful of bright floral fabrics and flower arrangements, m’kay, Bey and Jay? We want to get our twins on with no visual distraction. But you look fierce for sure. Let’s get that right, queen.

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