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Colorado Family Welcomes 3rd July 1 Baby in 4 Generations

A Colorado family should probably move to Canada after having three generations of July 1 (Canada Day) birthdays.

The Eppard family of Littleton, Colorado, recently said hello to baby Beauden Mathew James — the third boy in four generations to be born on July 1 according to People.

In case you’re wondering what the odds are on three family members having the same birthday in four generations, it’s pretty amazing: approximately 33,374 to 1 or a .0029 chance of occurrence.

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The other July 1 relatives? Beauden’s dad, Connor James Eppard (July 1, 1990) and Beauden’s great-grandpa, James Morrisette (July 1, 1931). Beauden’s grandpa, Rik Eppard, was the one who had to go and screw it up by being born on Dec. 9, 1963. Darn it, Rik!

Beauden’s mom, Jordyn, underwent an emergency C-section because her labor was not progressing and Beauden’s head was stuck in the birth canal. But Mom and Baby are doing fine, and the whole family is enjoying the latest July 1 arrival.

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Beauden’s father quipped, “We had to keep up the tradition. He’s named after his father and great grandfather. Having him come on my birthday and my grandfather’s birthday, it’s a pretty amazing thing.”

Great-grandpa James was especially thrilled by his new birthday twin — and the addition of the name James.

“I called my grandpa and said ‘Hey, grandpa grab a seat for this one,’” Connor told ABC News. “He kind of laughed and I think he could hear Beau crying in the background. Next thing you know, he was in the car driving down to the hospital.”

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Connor continued, “It was a last-minute decision [to add ‘James’]. We had the name picked out as Beauden Mathew, but when he was born on the 1st we knew we had to keep with tradition and throw a James in there.”

Nice work, Eppards! At the very least, you should get honorary Canadian passports, we think.

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