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Australian McDonald’s Bans Kids in School Uniforms

We’re not sure we’re loving it.

A McDonald’s in Elanora, Australia, has banned kids wearing school uniforms between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Say what?

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A peculiar sign in the restaurant window suggested the ban was requested by local schools. The Queensland Department of Education confirmed this, saying the shutout is targeting truancy.

The sign reads, “Attention school students. Any student in school uniform will not be served between the hours of 9am and 3pm. This is as per your schools [sic] request.” 

So no Chicken McNuggets for you if you’re playing hooky, mates.
The schools in particular that are trying to combat low attendance with this odd measure are Elanora State High School and Palm Beach-Currumbin State High School.

“Local businesses have agreed to support school attendance by not serving students who are in uniform without their parents during school hours,” the spokesperson of the department of education said in a press release. “This policy was communicated to school communities in June this year and strongly supported by the parent bodies of the respective schools.”

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The manager of the shopping center where the McDonald’s is located, Hilary Jacobs, said that the request from schools was actually passed along to all restaurants in the center to “encourage children to remain at school during the school day… Each business could then act on the advice as they felt was appropriate.”

No word on whether other fast-food restaurants are going to join forces with McDonald’s.

Tough love indeed for the kids of Elanora. Until they figure out all they need to do to get a Big Mac midday is bring a change of clothes in their schoolbag.

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