David Beckham Defends Daughter Harper's Palace Birthday Party

Jul 11, 2017 at 10:45 a.m. ET
Image: Europa Press/Getty Images

Progeny of a Spice Girl and the hottest soccer player on the planet, Harper Seven Beckham scored big this year for her sixth birthday with an early birthday adventure that most little girls have to act out with plastic tea sets and fake tiaras.


Harper — the only daughter of Victoria and David Beckham — attended an actual swanky royal tea party at Buckingham Palace with her grandmother and her soccer legend dad. And some of her school pals. And, you know, a real princess: Princess Eugenie of York, daughter of Duchess Sarah "Fergie" Ferguson and Prince Andrew, Duke of York.

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David Beckham shared pics of the event on his Instagram account — and was immediately trolled by people accusing him of getting preferential treatment to score his daughter a birthday party at the palace.

One commenter said, "Shame about the backlash. But then I get why so much backlash. A private party should be kept private, no? Especially if it was a private function hosted by the 'Royal'."

Another commenter remarked, "Oh what money can buy you."


Um, newsflash, internet: He is David Beckham, and it's not exactly a level playing field. You probably don't want to make a habit of comparing your kids' social calendars with his kids'.

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Beckham attempted to clarify the circumstances in one Instagram post: "This wasn’t the palace opening the gates for Harper’s birthday party, this was a tea party where us and other guests were invited so it was a beautiful thing to do with My mum, Harper plus a few school friends…We were honored to be able to there… Beautiful tea party…."


Who exactly threw the tea party? Well, word from The Mirror in the U.K. is that the Duchess Sarah Ferguson and ex-husband Prince Andrew were the official hosts of the posh (and exclusive) event.

Tongues are also wagging because Fergie may have timed the tea party — which took place in ex-hubby Prince Andrew's private palace suite — to coincide with the queen's absence. Ruh-roh! (Her Majesty is on a visit to Scotland.)

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"I can’t remember an occasion when she actually hosted something at Buckingham Palace... it’s an extraordinary situation, especially seeing there doesn’t appear to be a charity involved.”

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Fergie is denying that she threw the tea party on her own or that anything happened against palace rules. Her spokesperson told Mail Online, "The Duke of York and the York family hosted a private event at the private apartments of the Duke at Buckingham Palace which was privately catered." (That's two "private" and one "privately" all in the same sentence if you weren't keeping track.)

The spokesperson also referred to the event as a "small family tea." Um, OK.

Whatever the case, Harper clearly had a blast dressed as Princess Elsa from Frozen and beaming ear to ear in photos with her friends, her dad and grandmother, and Princess Eugenie.

As one Beckham fan said, "This is so sweet! Good friends and a fun day WHY are people carrying on about it. Get a life seriously, people will moan about anything these days! Move on if you're offended by a little girl having a fun birthday party."

Fair enough. Party on, Harper! Life is too short to turn down an invite to a royal tea party.