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George & Amal Clooney & Twins Jet to Milan on Private Plane

Amal and George Clooney are just terrible at staying in touch.

We’re still waiting for the laser-cut, tequila-scented birth announcement to arrive in our mailbox (I mean, yes, we know twins Ella and Alexander were born on June 6 in London, but obviously we are expecting to be godparents).

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We were going to cut the new parents some slack and assume that the Clooneys are just nesting, losing their new-parent minds behind closed doors as the babies wail 24/7. But then they had to go and jet to Italy on a private plane — with the twins and their silky-white covered bassinets — and we weren’t even invited to carry the diaper tote. Jeez.

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The new parents touched down at an airport in Milan on Monday, and photos show that babies Elle and Alexander are already living the high life. George hauled one bassinet; Amal got a bit of assistance with the other one. And though the pics are admittedly fuzzy, damn, George and Amal look like parenthood definitely agrees with them. Of course, George did just sell his Casamigos tequila company for $1 billion last month, so maybe they were able to outfit their private plane with all sorts of special high-tech baby-soothing equipment.

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*Sigh* It’s fine, you guys. We have plenty of celebrity babies to cover, and we’re sure Beyoncé and Jay-Z need us to be godparents for their kids, so we’ll be, like, so busy.

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