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Olympic Runner Alysia Montaño Competes While 5 Months Pregnant

All hail Olympic runner Alysia Montaño, who raced at the USA Track & Field Championships on Thursday — at five months pregnant.

Montaño finished last out of 30 sprinters in the women’s 800-meter first round, but who cares? (When we were five months pregnant, we were ready to put our feet up for the final stretch until the baby arrived. This woman rocks.)

Montaño wore a Wonder Woman-themed sports bra at the event, with her pregnant belly jutting out just below. Yup, she’s definitely our vote for real-life superhero.

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“About last night… 2017 USA Nationals with baby #2 at 5 months pregnant. I have some pretty awesome maternity photos from both pregnancies,” Montaño captioned an Instagram post the next day. Yeah you do, Alysia.

Would you believe this isn’t Montaño’s first time competing while pregnant? (We bet you do believe it.) Her first time racing while pregnant was in 2014 at the same event while she was a whopping eight months along.

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“3 years after I ran the 2014 USA Nationals at 8 months pregnant I want to echo the same message after my run at the same event this [past] week, this time pregnant with my second at 5 months pregnant,” Montaño said in a different post. “My intention is to inform and to empower.” 

Mission accomplished, Alysia Montaño.

And despite the naysayers (you knew there were some) her firstborn was just fine, thank you very much. Her daughter Linnéa arrived weighing in at nearly 8 pounds.

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Montaño is inarguably an amazing role model. She wrote, “My mission as a mother, as a daughter, as a sister, as a friend, and as a human is to always fight for good and the empowerment of others. I hope that one day my children can look at the world through a lens filled with kindness, compassion, hope, empowerment and purpose. I hope when my children think of me in their pursuits they might see me as an example of strength and not only think ‘Strong like Mom,’ but perhaps they may see their abilities and think ‘Stronger THAN Mom.’”

Color us very, very impressed. And very, very inspired.

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