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Kim Kardashian West Criticized for Saint’s Forward-Facing Car Seat

Ahhhh… another day, another celebrity mommy to shame.

Kim Kardashian West is under internet fire after posting a photo of her year-old son, Saint West, in what appears to be a front-facing car seat.
Commenters predictably lost their damn poo, accusing Kardashian West of endangering her child and breaking the law, as a recent California law mandates that children under 2 years of age must be secured in a rear-facing car seat.

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However — everybody just breathe — there are exceptions to this law, such as in the case of a toddler weighing over 40 pounds or measuring more than 40 inches tall. And Saint’s daddy, Kanye West, is a pretty big dude, so… it’s possible Saint is a big little dude.

You know who knows for sure if Saint is over 40 pounds or more than 40 inches tall? Definitely not the internet. We’re guessing Kardashian and her son’s pediatrician know what’s up, and we’re inclined to give Kardashian the benefit of the doubt — this ain’t her first time at the car seat rodeo, posse.

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Also? We don’t even know if the picture was taken within California state limits (unless you have some magic ability to discern geo-coordinates from social media snapshots).

The comments, oh, the comments: predictable.
“He is so cute, let’s protect this handsome boy by making sure [he] is rear-facing,” one commenter said.
That was answered, of course, by a fan who said, “I see the car seat police are on a mission! Typical putting their nose and opinion in when it wasn’t asked!”
“Didn’t realize so many people had degrees in car seat positioning,” added another fan to the fray.
(If you have low blood pressure, feel free to read all the comments at the original post. That should perk you right up.)
We’re just not fans of any mommy-shaming — especially when we don’t have the whole story and probably never will. How about we trust that Kardashian wouldn’t endanger her son? Novel idea, right?

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