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Joey Fatone Gets Candid About Daughter’s Autism

We’ve always had a hunch that those boy band alums are big softies (case in point: Justin Timberlake and toddler Silas, awww). Joey Fatone is no exception when it comes to his two daughters, Briahna, 16, and Kloey, 7. Check out his Father’s Day Instagram post.
The former ‘NSYNC star and actor is both a loving father and a proud autism advocate. Recently, he spoke about the challenges of raising a child with autism in an interview with Entertainment Tonight — daughter Kloey has been diagnosed as having high-functioning autism, and Fatone admits it hasn’t been an easy road for the family.
“It has tested us a lot,” said Fatone. “She’s on the spectrum of autism and there are all different types, so everyone handles their child differently, but we handle it as we go, like most parents.”
Fatone says he’s learning as he goes how best to communicate with his younger daughter.
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“The things that I was able to simply explain or express to Briahna when she was young, I have to kind of take a different approach with Kloey, for her to understand,” he said.
This week, Kloey and her dad appeared on this week’s episode of the game show Big Star Little Star, winning $5,000 for the charitable organization Autism Speaks.
Fatone and Kloey both had a blast. “It was very exciting and I was happy she had a great time and wasn’t nervous,” Fatone said. “That kid has no fear.”
Maybe a girl band is in Kloey’s future?

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