Courteney Cox Admits She Would Have Another Baby at 53

Jun 22, 2017 at 11:34 a.m. ET
Image: David Livingston/Getty Images Entertainment CC

These days, many women are choosing to have kids later in life — some well into their 40s and 50s. Hollywood moms are no exception to the trend, and the latest star to get candid about having babies later in life is Courteney Cox.

The former Friends actress opened up to NewBeauty magazine — and just when we thought we couldn't love her more, well, we love her more, damn it.

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Cox admits she's feeling broody and wouldn't be opposed to a new little one in her life.

“I would love to have a baby now,” Cox, 53, said. “I would. I know it’s crazy, but I would.”

Cox is the mother of Coco, 13, with her ex-husband David Arquette.

She continued: “I mean, I could carry someone else’s egg... I may be one of the older people doing it, but I would love to, with Johnny that is.”

The Johnny in question is partner Johnny McDaid, 40.

Cox spoke openly about McDaid — and why the age difference is no problem. “He’s younger than me, and with any other guy that would be the hardest thing in the world, but looks are not that important to him or his family,” she said. “External beauty isn’t even on his radar. I used to worry about the age difference, but I don’t think it matters. He appreciates beauty, but it’s deeper than that.”

Aw, man. We're kind of hoping you two do have that baby.

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If Cox does go on to have another child, she's in good company. Gwen Stefani had her third son, Apollo Bowie Flynn, when she was 44. She was already mom to Kingston and Zuma. Are we curious what a Blake Shelton-Gwen Stefani baby would be like? You bet. We refuse to rule that one out.

Then there's Halle Berry. She rocked pregnancy at 41 with daughter Nahla, saying to Harper's Bazaar, "My pregnancy was amazing... I felt like Superwoman. I wish I could feel like that for the rest of my life, that's how fantastic it was."
So she decided to do it all over again with second child, Maceo — who arrived on the scene when Berry was 47. We're not worthy.

Actress Tina Fey wasn't so sure about having a second child after Alice, 5, came along. Why did she have baby nerves? Fey wrote in her memoir, Bossypants, "Science shows that fertility and movie offers drop off steeply for women after 40."

Ha! The joke's on fertility and the movie offers. Fey had a second daughter, Penelope, at 41 years old and is doing just fine as one of Hollywood's favorite funny women.

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Another celebrity mom who had her babies later in life is Susan Sarandon, who did so three times in quick succession: daughter Eva when she was 39, son Jack Henry when she was 42 and Miles Guthrie when she was 45. Boom. *Mic drop*

And Céline Dion was 42 when she had twin sons Eddy and Nelson in 2010 (who joined now-11-year-old René-Charles). Dion endured rounds of IVF as well as a horrific miscarriage and told Us Weekly she feared having a healthy pregnancy at her age and took many precautions. "My doctors had to constantly reassure me... Each week I had sonograms. I heard their heart beats... It's stressful but I'm relaxing. I look at my little belly. I do almost nothing. If you tell me I have to stay in bed, I will stay in bed until November, when the babies are born. To bring them into the world, there's nothing more important than that. It's incredible."

These amazing women show that health and hope go a long way for late-in-life pregnancies. The only question is: Who's up to bat next?