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Proud Parents Are Celebrating Their LGBTQ Kids, & It’s Pretty Great

It’s Pride Month!

Rainbows abound in June — along with inspiring Pride posts all over the internet that restore our faith in humanity.

Some of the most heartwarming we’ve seen? Amazingly supportive parents and their LGBTQ children celebrating Pride together. The. Best.

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Disclaimer: My older daughter is gay. This was her bemused response when I told her I was writing about proud Pride parents:

“It’s great that they’re supportive, but aren’t they just being, well, good parents? I mean, why are we celebrating parents being supportive?”

Huh. Fair point.

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Sadly, this kind of open, enthusiastic Pride support wasn’t always easy to spot in the world — and that gives us hope for the future. Plus, the photographs we’re seeing on social media give us all the feels and make us pretty much want to hug all the people. So for that reason, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite images and posts from Prideful parents this month.

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Aww and awwwwww:

Love this dad-son pair:
And these two:

This posse is pretty great:
We all want to adopt this dad, who attended a Pride parade even though his gay son couldn’t:

Melt. Every kid out there — straight, gay, bi, trans, gender-fluid, you name it — deserves parents like these.

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