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Ryan Lochte & Fiancée Welcome Their Firstborn

Olympic medalist and swim god Ryan Lochte and his model fiancée, Kayla Rae Reid, just welcomed their first child, a baby boy.

Lochte posted on Instagram (the preferred baby announcement route these days): “Never seen a miracle happen before… 7lbs, 14 oz, 22 inches. Can’t stop crying from tears of joy. Dream come true!”

The little Lochte arrived on Thursday, June 8. (He also arrived at 5:46 a.m. if you’re into that much detail.) The news was confirmed to Us Weekly by a rep for a the couple.

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Lochte and Reid got engaged in October 2016 and announced in December 2016 that they were expecting a child. Fast work, guys!

Their cute meet story is, well, pretty cute: the two began dating after literally running into each other in Hollywood — boom! — and steadying themselves by grabbing each other’s hands. Awwww… come on!

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Reid said of the encounter, “We grabbed each other’s hands and were looking into each other’s eyes. We clicked… I had always heard he was a player and a partier. I always said I would never date an athlete. When I met him, he was the complete opposite of everything I thought he was.”

We think she’s probably referring to Lochte’s unfortunate drunken behavior at the Rio Olympics, which marred both his reputation and the reputation of the U.S. swim team and got him suspended for 10 months from the sport.

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But these are clearly better days for Lochte.

In January 2017, Lochte said he and Reid were hoping to come up with a unique name for their child. We think they didn’t do half bad on that account. Welcome to the world, Caiden Zane Lochte.

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