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7 Apps to Save Mom’s Sanity This Summer

Summer is rapidly approaching, and for many, summer vacation has already commenced. When you’re a kid, summer vacation brings so much joy, but when you’re a mom, it leaves you scrambling to make sure activities are planned and that the kids make the most out of the months without school — while still managing to keep your cool.

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This year, you can handle summer vacation like the pro we all know you are with these seven apps that will save your sanity and make summer easier with the kids home from school.

Mommy Nearest

This free app is an amazing thing to literally have at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking for something great to read while your kids are playing at the park (because they have an amazing online magazine attached to the app) or are looking for coupons and cool things to do in your city, Mommy Nearest has you covered. They also send out weekend guides filled with coupons and discounts to keep your family busy all summer long.

Get the Mommy Nearest app here.


Can you imagine having your kids’ summer chores streamlined? This cool app is available for only $12 a year (the first 30 days are free) and helps keep your family’s chores and allowance organized and simplified in one place. Parents get to assign chores, kids check them off when they’re complete and then parents get to give the final approval before dishing out an allowance. Genius!

Get the BusyKid app here.

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White Noise Baby

When you have a new baby in the home who’s used to quiet time, things get real pretty quickly once the older kiddos are home from school. Enter White Noise Baby. This app allows you to provide static noise or sounds while your wee one sleeps so they aren’t startled awake by the sounds of their older siblings. Oh the things you need to take into consideration when becoming a parent, right?

Get the White Noise Baby app here.


If your kids are anything like mine, when they’re indoors in the summer, they are busy creating artwork. Yes, there are so many craft projects and paintings that we just don’t have enough space to display or even save them all. Artkive allows you to capture those beautiful creations and then print books and artwork made from them. They even offer a concierge option if you just can’t part with those masterpieces.

Get the Artkive app here.


The struggle is real to find cool mamas to hang with during all those summer month activities that you actually enjoy being around. Just because our kids are friends doesn’t always mean the moms have things in common too, but with Peanut, you can now locate moms nearby who have similar interests and get you. Summer is looking better already.

Get the Peanut app here.

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Stop, Breathe & Think Kids

Let’s face it. With so much going on every day, kids can get quickly overwhelmed. Stop, Breathe & Think Kids aims to have a daily check-in with kids to create their own force field of calm. Giving kids an easy way to connect with their emotions, check their progress and even learn to meditate. You might find yourself logging in too.

Get the Stop, Breathe & Think Kids app here.


Kids are effing expensive, and summer break will have no fun events at all if you can’t keep yourself on a budget. Mint allows you to pull all of your checking, savings, credit cards and investments into once place and categorizes your spending so you can see where you’re money is really going. Bonus: It can help you prepare a budget so your family gets to cross off everything on your summer bucket list without worry.

Get the Mint app here.

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