Will Beyoncé Let Blue Ivy Watch the Twins’ Birth?

Pop quiz time!

Which of the following is the best way to be sure an older sibling doesn’t feel left out at the birth of new twin siblings?

a. Let older sibling watch the birth in all its gory, vernix-y delight
b. Purchase a $1,160 Givenchy-designed child’s nurse uniform for older sibling to wear during the occasion

If you chose both A and B, congratulations! You are either Beyoncé taking this quiz or just naturally an A-lister.

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Now, these reports are unconfirmed, but the heavenly word floating through the ether is that Jay Z and Beyoncé want to be sure 5-year-old Blue Ivy feels included when the already famous twins arrive on the scene and steal poor Blue Ivy’s thunder for life. So Jay and Bey are apparently prepping to let Blue Ivy — with a pint-sized Givenchy nurse outfit — watch the “magical family moment,” according to the The Daily Star and Elle U.K., among other media outlets.

One source dished, “They’re worried that their daughter might feel left out when the twins arrive, so they’re trying to make sure she feels involved every step of the way.”

We think a $1,160 Givenchy outfit can’t hurt with that.

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Grandma Tina Knowles, Beyoncé’s mom, recently enthused over her daughter’s parenting prowess to People. “She’s a really good mom. Really patient and kind.”

But the Bey and Jay camp is still mum on the subject of whether the power couple is having two girls, two boys or one of each.

We hope for Blue Ivy’s sake that the birth is as gorgeous and composed as all of the prepartum photo shoots. If not, bury your face in your Givenchy skirt, Blue Ivy, and run for the hills.


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