Breastfeeding Mom Shares Brilliant ‘Milksicle’ Hack for Teething Baby

Some parenting hacks are so beautifully simple, we wonder why the heck we didn’t come up with them ourselves. (Probably because we were lurching around like extras from The Walking Dead we were so sleep-deprived.)

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So let’s talk teething hacks, shall we? There’s not much worse than the helplessness of watching your baby work through awful teething pain. Those are bad, bad days, as most parents can attest.

One Columbus, Ohio, mom gave all of us parents a big ol’ lightbulb moment when she shared a video on Facebook of her son chowing down on a “milksicle” — an ice pop made from breast milk. Tasia Blackwell said she started making them on a whim and found they help hugely “with his teething pain and [help] fill up his tummy.”
Genius! Want to guess if her video went viral? If you said yes, you win. Her video has gotten over — get this — 19 million views since she posted it on June 2. Yes. 19 million.

Baby gets fed and baby gets relief from pain. Such an elegant solution! What else does this brilliant mama have up her sleeve? (We kinda want her to write a parenting-hack book now.)

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Blackwell posted two other photos: one of her with the magic milk ice pop and another of two milksicles chilling in breast milk storage bags in her freezer. We’re lucky if we can remember to keep the fridge stocked with frozen pizza. This woman clearly has it together. #Winning


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