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Beyoncé’s Mom Can’t Wait to Spoil the Twins With ‘Noisy Toys’

Tina Knowles-Larson is cracking us up with her oh-so-grandmotherly plans for Bey and Jay’s twins.

Beyoncé’s mom chatted about her daughter’s high-profile pregnancy at the 2017 LadyLike Foundation Annual Women of Excellence Awards Gala (whew, say that 10 times fast) in Beverly Hills on Saturday.

“Being a grandmother is the second best job in the world!” she said to People. (Knowles-Larson added that “being a mom” is the first best job. We like this lady.)

We also love this mother-daughter shot from Knowles-Larson’s Instagram feed, taken at Bey’s shower.

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Beyoncé and Jay Z had better stock up on earplugs, though, because Grandma Tina has some loud plans in mind for the Knowles-Carter posse.

“I buy them drum sets and noisy toys,” she said. “I encourage them to ask for everything, so I’m getting my kids back.” 

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Knowles-Larson insists she doesn’t know if her daughter is having girls, boys or one of each.

“I would be happy with whatever God gives me,” she told Extra. She also said she’s staying in Los Angeles waiting for the big event. Awww. Bey and Jay have definitely won the grandmother lottery.

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