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Twitter Is Bawling Over Dad’s Lunchbox Gesture to His College-Bound Daughter

Just when you thought it was safe to venture out on Twitter and not slam into all the feels… 18-year-old Meg Sullivan of Tacoma, Washington, goes and posts the most bittersweet father-daughter snack orange tweet ever.

Uh, OK, so maybe it’s the only father-daughter orange-related tweet o’ feels in existence. But whatever the case, it’s pretty damn sweet.

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The backstory: Meg’s dad, Tom, is having a tough time letting go of his dear daughter. He’s been making Meg’s lunch since kindergarten — and was still peeling her oranges for her as college loomed on the horizon. It was a running joke in the family, these pre-peeled oranges, but Tom remained steadfast in his orange-peeling duties.

“He ignored us and kept peeling them, and then yesterday when I got to school on my last day of high school, I pulled out my lunch and found two unpeeled oranges and a printout,” Meg said.

Meg tweeted the scene, and Twitter fell over sobbing (and retweeted it 91,000 times).

And no, we’re not crying, you’re crying. (OK, fine, we cried the first time we saw it, are you happy?)

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Meg isn’t one bit surprised by the loving gesture. But a lot of the Twitterverse has been rendered useless and can’t even with all the love:

“I’m his last kiddo leaving for college this year, and you can tell he’s really really sad about it,” she said to BuzzFeed. “He has always gone above and beyond and is easily the cutest and most caring man I’ll ever know. It’s gonna break my heart to leave him for college no doubt.”

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What a sweetheart of a dad. Maybe we should all start peeling Tom’s oranges for him to get him through this rough transition time?

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