Breastfeeding Mom Booted From Dance Recital

Jun 2, 2017 at 7:00 a.m. ET
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When is the war on breastfeeding going to stop?

One anonymous Louisiana mom shared a photo of herself to Breastfeeding Mama Talk's Facebook page in which she's weeping in her car, breastfeeding her 3-month-old. The story behind the tears? She was kicked out of a dance recital for nursing.

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"Why am I in my truck instead of in an air conditioned building watching my friends' children dance? It's because I had the gall to feed my baby without a cover," she wrote. Ugh.


Apparently, mothers at the dance studio complained when they spotted her nursing her baby — then studio staff went to the nursing mom's friend instead of speaking with her directly. Really brave move (not).

"She had to come tell me that I was no longer welcome in the dance studio unless I covered while feeding because it was inappropriate for the children to see," the anonymous nursing mother said. "It has beat me down because all at once I have been told by an entire company and it's collective customers that I and my sweet baby are not welcome."

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There's something extra horrifying about shaming a breastfeeding mother in a dance studio full of little girls. The sexualization of breasts rages on in a place where (we'd hope) body positivity and strong female role models would take center stage — and we find that incredibly sad and disappointing.

"What kind of example are we setting for the future moms of tomorrow?" the nursing mom wrote. "I'm just more upset that it's a place that claims to empower young girls when they take the one thing that should empower all women and twist it into something considered shameful enough that it has to be covered." Agreed.

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But not everyone agrees with this nursing mom's POV. Though the Breastfeeding Mama Talk post drew much support (and 7.2k views and counting), there were plenty of negative commenters railing.

"Get over yourself and cover up. Do you really think you have it that bad and that you are actually discriminated against because you want to breast feed without a cover or are you just disappointed that you can't whip out your breast in public for all to see? My babies never once had a problem being feed under a cover and I never once had any problem with feeding my babies under a cover. Grow up, turn the truck's air on and move on," said one miffed reader.

What happens next? Well, this mom says she will return to the studio to discuss the matter in full with the owner — but this time, packing Louisiana state laws regarding nursing.

Our dream? A world in which a breastfeeding mom doesn't have to walk around with nipple pads and state legislation in her purse.