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Forget Fidget Spinners: Balloons Are the Cool Parent’s Best Life Hack

School is just about out for the summer, parent friends — meaning the days are about to get verrrrry long.

Whether you’re staying home this season or attempting interminable road trips with perpetually bored kids, you’re probably hankering for a few new tricks to have up your sleeve to keep them entertained, right?

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We had to laugh at the beautiful simplicity of a parenting hack suggested by one Reddit user, orchid_breeder. This parent posted to Reddit on May 31 with the suggestion that all parents should be traveling with a pocketful of balloons. (Like clowns. Because, let’s face it, that’s kind of what we are.) 
Hmmm. It is true they take up zero space, but we’re not so sure about the “great for airports” part. We’re thinking fellow passengers might not appreciate the commotion of exploding balloon animals and the subsequent wailing toddlers.

Also, balloons popping in a packed Toyota Corolla on an 18-hour trip to Grandma’s house? Might set your teeth on edge a bit.

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But for hotel rooms and at home and for stops outside during that road trip to Grammy’s? Very intriguing. We could see our kids going for this. Thus far in life, we’ve only had balloons on hand for birthday parties. But maybe they’re more of a staple item?

Excuse us while we go order that book on how to make balloon animals. We’ve got some serious pre-summer reading to do.

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