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Georgia Sheriff’s Deputy Demonstrates Dangers of Sitting in a Sweltering Car

Jennifer Mattern

Oof. We can’t lie. This video is hard to watch, but if you’ve ever thought, “How bad can it really be?” to leave your pet or your child in a car in warm weather, you need to see this.

Deputy Reagan of the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia volunteered to be filmed sitting in his patrol car with the windows up and the temperature climbing — for 25 minutes. The temp in his car shot up to over 101 degrees within just a few minutes of the car doors being closed… and climbed dangerously from there.

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Within 20 minutes, Deputy Reagan’s heart rate doubled and his physical distress became obvious, even as he continued to address the cameras — which started to overheat and shut down. (Note: If a Go Pro is shutting down in a hot car, you definitely don’t want to leave a beloved animal or human to suffer the same fate, OK?)

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The final reading of the temperature inside the car? 177 degrees. Gulp.

The video has received over 170,000 views on YouTube — and we’re hoping the message hits home with even more people.

Deputy Reagan said, “Please, please, if you see someone in a hot car, whether it’s 80 degrees, whether it’s 95 degrees, call 911. Don’t leave your pets inside a car even with the windows cracked; don’t leave your children in the car even if you think it’s only for a few minutes.”

Really. No exceptions.

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