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Teen’s Service Dog Scores His Own Yearbook Pic

Jennifer Mattern

Sometimes, when the news is lousy, you just need to see a dog in a yearbook.

Who’s the good boy? Alpha, a 4-year-old service dog who goes to school daily with his person, Andrew “A.J.” Schalk. Alpha and Schalk attend Stafford High in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Schalk has Type 1 diabetes, and Alpha can tell through smell if Schalk’s blood sugar is getting too high or too low and alert Schalk — by giving him his paw. (What!? Dogs can do that? We’re not worthy of these creatures.)

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“Alpha alerts me through smell, 20 to 40 minutes sooner than I know anything is wrong,” Schalk, 16, said. “He has saved my life multiple times, especially at night, when low blood sugar can be super-dangerous.”

So the amazing Alpha scored his very own pic in the 2017 yearbook.

“All they had to do was lower the camera and took the picture just like for anyone else!” Schalk said.

Cue all the paws. Er. We mean awwwwww’s.

One student at the school, Diana Bloom, was so moved upon discovering Alpha’s familiar face in the yearbook that she posted a quick picture of his page on Twitter.

Predictably, Twitter fell in love with the dog.

Schalk is pretty stoked that his canine friend is getting so much attention.

“Having him at school and making everyone so happy has made my disability such a positive thing for me,” he said.

Good boy, Alpha. Stay. (Definitely stay.)

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