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Little Boy’s Mrs. Doubtfire-Themed Birthday Is a Hilarious Success

Jennifer Mattern

We loooove adorably weird birthday themes for kids. (Who didn’t fall in love with the little girl who insisted on a poop-emoji-themed party — and the parents who agreed to it?)

This week, we’re party-crushing (ha! see what we did there?) on 4-year-old Evan Kowalski of Michigan, who is obsessed with the ’90s movie Mrs. Doubtfire (starring the much-missed Robin Williams) and just had to have a party based on that theme.

Evan’s mom, Laura Kowalski, hadn’t exactly planned on a Mrs. Doubtfire party for Evan’s fourth birthday. Uh, because no mom in history has ever planned a Mrs. Doubtfire party for a bunch of 4-year-olds. (Or for a bunch of 44-year-olds for that matter.)

“I asked him one evening what type of party he wanted and made some suggestions for him, such as a soccer theme or bugs (he’s obsessed with bugs!),” Kowalski said to Popsugar. “But instead, he threw back at me, ‘I want Mrs. Doubtfire!’ I tried changing his mind, but his mind was made up.”

Challenge accepted: Euphegenia Doubtfire it would be. But how does a mom throw a Mrs. Doubtfire party?

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Kowalski scoured Pinterest as well as Etsy for anything, anything, anything related to the iconic Robin Williams character. No go. She said she came up with “absolutely nothing.”

So Kowalski posted to her Facebook page a request for a baker eager to take on a Mrs. Doubtfire-inspired birthday cake.

And because the world is weirdly wonderful like that sometimes, Facebook answered in the form of Angie Claxon of Cakes by Sweetypants. Claxon baked a most hilarious masterpiece (complete with pie in the face), and in the meantime, the rest of the Kowalski family went crazy riffing on other Mrs. Doubtfire items and snacks (“run-by fruiting” kebab snacks, anyone? or goodie bags reading, “Thank you for coming, dear”?).

Mrs Doubtfire birthday party
Image: Laura Kowalski
Mrs Doubtfire birthday party
Image: Laura Kowalski
Mrs Doubtfire birthday party
Image: Laura Kowalski

We’re thinking Robin Williams definitely would have approved, dears.

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