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Tracy Anderson Posts Leaky Boobs, Real-Life Motherhood Pic on Instagram

Jennifer Mattern

Tracy Anderson — the celebrity fitness trainer responsible for the care and shaping of some of Hollywood’s A-list bods — is keeping it real on Instagram with a post that all nursing moms will relate to. Her Instagram post reveals a scene familiar to breastfeeding mothers, complete with totally wrecked tank top and baby nestled on shoulder.

Anderson — who’s trained Madonna, Shakira, Gwyneth (we think Gwyneth no longer needs a last name either), Lena Dunham and Jennifer Lopez among many others — is one of a handful of celebrities who aren’t afraid to show breastfeeding in all its awkward, stained-shirt glory. Recently, Peta Murgatroyd of Dancing with the Stars and actress/activist Amber Tamblyn posted similar images of messy breastfeeding life (is that a hashtag? It really should be) and we are crushing on all of them for it.

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Anderson even did a breastfeeding interview with The Bump, she’s so passionate about nursing.

“I am probably the biggest breastfeeding advocate around,” said Anderson. “I have an almost 15-year-old son and I nursed him for three years. So, it was never a question when I became pregnant with my daughter, Penny, whether I would breastfeed or not.”

Anderson says she recognizes some moms aren’t able to nurse for a variety of reasons, and that’s just fine. But she’s all for breastfeeding when it’s possible:

“I absolutely think that there are incidences where women can’t breastfeed, and I am in no way judging any mother’s path. But, if women can look at the science of it, breastfeeding is the most natural thing. It signals to our bodies that it’s time to pull back and get everything back into place. Also, when they’re born, babies root for the nipple. It’s their nature. I think that anytime you can give something, especially a new life, the natural order of things that that’s the healthiest way to do it.”

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Anderson has also launched a whole motherhood-related workout DVD collection designed for pregnant and postpartum women. (Which sounds totally cool. Maybe we’ll check it out after our pint of Cherry Garcia.)

Thanks to all the leaky ladies in the public eye who are pitching in to normalize breastfeeding — we’ve still got a long way to go for sure, but we’ve definitely come a long, long way.

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