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Beyoncé’s Push Party Is Predictably Fab — Complete With Henna Tattoos

Sure, at our baby showers, we were lucky if there was a diaper cake and seven-layer fiesta dip, and we could stay in our maternity sweatpants.

Queen Bey does baby showers a wee bit differently from us mortals, as you may have guessed. After all, she slayed the pregnancy announcement and tore up the babymoon in high style. What else were you expecting for a shower at the Beyhive?

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On Saturday, Beyoncé celebrated the impending arrival of her demigods — er, twins — with a “Carter push party.”

Now, we’re not really sure what Jay Z will be “pushing” (stroller? paparazzi that get too close?), but we’re going with it.

Beyoncé mom, Tina Knowles Lawson, in true mom fashion (celebs: Their moms are just like ours) shared photos and videos from the star-studded event. Wondering about the guest list? Oh, no biggie. Just Serena Williams (also packing a baby on board), La La Anthony (gotta love that first name) and Destiny’s Child bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams rocking gorgeous African-inspired outfits.

“Happy Carter push party,” Beyoncé’s mom manages to get the guests to yell on camera. Because that’s how moms do at baby showers, y’all.

On Sunday, Beyoncé decided to post some photos of the fete too, showing that baby bump decorated in elaborate henna patterns (yeah, we forgot the sacred henna tattoos at our baby showers too).

Bey appears in the photos to be having a grand old time dancing with her hubby.

Despite parting ways in 2005, Beyoncé and her Destiny’s Child bandmates have stayed super-close, uniting occasionally for special performances and galas like Los Angeles Inaugural Wearable Art’s back in April.
Michelle Williams is clearly impressed by her old bandmate’s fab and fierce prepartum style:

“You know what? She’s holding it down for so many other women that are with child,” she said at the push party. “[She’s] showing them, ‘OK, still be as fierce as you feel and as you can,’ because some women do have a hard time and don’t feel as great all the time.”

We think it’s a nice thought — just not maybe super-realistic for most women to get in touch with their inner fertility goddesses of fierceness when really, they just want to put their feet up on the couch and watch Netflix until the blessed day.

The million-dollar question, for all its swirling speculation, remains unanswered: What’s the sex of Beyoncé’s twins?

Grandma Tina weighed in on Extra in April. “I would be happy with whatever God gives me,” she said, adding that she really has “no idea” if Beyoncé will be having boys, girls or one of each.

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The thing that’s indisputable is that Lawson is over the moon about becoming a grandmother again.

“It’s the biggest blessing. I’m so excited!” Lawson said, also adding that her daughter is feeling just great during the last days of the pregnancy.

What are Bey and Jay up to besides henna baby bumps and cool photo shoots? They’ve been hiring decorators for the twins’ nurseries, natch.

The whole NYC-originated Carter family plans on staying in Los Angeles according to a source who spoke to People. “It’s their home base now, and this is where Blue goes to preschool. They’re all very happy in L.A.”

And we’re all very happy that they’re very happy. Just hurry up and pop out those gorgeous twins, Queen Bey. Your subjects are getting restless.

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