What's the Rush? Your 30s Are Just Fine for Baby-Making

by SheKnows
May 18, 2017 at 8:40 a.m. ET
Image: RyanJLane/E+/Getty Images

I remember the panic creeping in during my late 20s: Was I running out of time to get pregnant? Was I even ready to get pregnant? Was I with the right partner for such a massive endeavor?

Although I had my first child at 30, it turns out I probably had a little more wiggle room than I thought. In fact, I was ahead of my time according to data released on Wednesday by the smart folks at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (yeah, we think it's weird that pregnancy data falls under the umbrella of "disease control," but hey, we can roll with it). The data show that women in their early 30s are having more babies than women in their 20s or teens — who knew?

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Twenty-somethings have been the most prolific baby makers for more than 30 years (an impressive act to follow). That shifted last year when 30-somethings took over — likely due to the normalization of women waiting longer to have kids in U.S. society. There's also been a continuing decrease in teen birth rates (despite what MTV's Teen Mom might have you believe).

The average age now for when a woman has her first child? Twenty-eight. Nice!

Of course, there are varying health concerns for every age when it comes to pregnancy, but timing seems far less dire these days. Are you nearing your 30s — or in your 30s — and you can't even conceive of conceiving just yet? Hey, it's OK to relax. You're part of a very cool trend.

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