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C-Section Mom Has Had It With Folks Who Think It’s the Easy Option

Don’t you dare suggest to Olivia White that C-sections aren’t “real” births, or she’ll slap you upside the head. She’s had it with people who claim C-sections are the “easy” way out — and her recent post on Instagram shows exactly why there’s nothing easy about a cesarean birth.

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White — a blogger at House of White — has two daughters, both born by C-section. Annabelle, 3, and Theodora, 1, are happy and healthy little girls, but White points out that they “might not be here today” were it not for the cesareans that brought them safely into the world.

Her brutally honest post and photo have received almost 2,000 likes on Instagram, and many followers have shared their own C-section tales in the comments. As White points out, it’s hard to say what’s the worst part of a cesarean, from the fishing-wire incisions to the excruciating pain when the meds wear off to the humiliating “nanna” underpants afterward.

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Nope, there’s definitely nothing “easy” about a C-section delivery — and we commend White for telling it like it is in such a bold and relatable way.

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