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This Video About How Your Child Sees a ‘Normal’ Day Is Everything

Most mamas — when asked about their day with the kids — tend to groan, remembering every spilled drink, public tantrum, missed nap and diaper malfunction. Sometimes it feels like we’re barely holding it all together, and recounting another “normal” day makes us wonder, “Am I ever going to succeed at this mom thing?”

One video we stumbled across is challenging our idea of mama success in an amazing way by redefining a normal day through the eyes of our kids. It’s a wow-moment video, created by Esther Anderson of the YouTube channel Story of This Life, sure to make you rethink that terrible, no-good, messy, normal day with your little ones.

In other words? Maybe we should give ourselves a break.

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You’re doing just fine after all, moms. In fact, maybe we’re all doing much better than fine. As the video says at the end, “…your normal might be their magic.” There, there. Hugs all around. Bring it in. We’ve got you. And we think you’re anything but normal (in the best way).

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