Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin Celebrate Apple’s Birthday

Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to spend as much time as possible with an ex-spouse? Uh, most of the exes we know, that’s who. But Gwyneth Paltrow and her ex-husband, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, are rocking this co-parenting gig like few others. We are seriously in awe of their effortless ability to raise their kids in tandem — with sense of fun intact.

It was a big weekend for the family — Mother’s Day on Sunday as well as their daughter Apple Martin’s 13th birthday.

(Remember when Apple came along and everybody went nuts over her name? How can that have been 13 years ago? When did we get so old? We are having existential Apple angst, you guys!

What? Oh, sorry, yes. As we were saying, it was a pretty important weekend for the family, and they did it up in high style. Paltrow and Martin — who have taken the kids to Disneyland together post-split — reunited once again for a delicious trip to the new Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles with both children (Apple’s brother, Moses, is now 11).

Paltrow even posted a super-cute Boomerang video of their outing on Instagram with the caption, “Best Apple’s birthday/Mother’s Day EVER at the @museumoficecream.”

Paltrow also posted a very sweet pic of 13-year-old Apple, who is a mini-Gwyneth. “Happy 13th birthday, you gorgeous human. You light up every room, my heart, the world. You. Are. Everything. I love you, schnapps.” She completed the sentiment with — of course — an apple emoji. Perfect.


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