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Mother-Daughter Gossip ‘Salon Session’ Will Slay You

If you haven’t yet watched this video of a military mom and her diaper-rockin’ 1-year-old daughter chatting away during a living room “salon” session, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Kerry Robinson and her off-the-hook adorable daughter, Jayde, clearly love to hang together and talk about life. Robinson posted a video of the two of them doing their thing on Instagram and Facebook, and it’s so cute, we’re just watching it on repeat all day.
Robinson titled the video “Salon Talk,” as Jayde brushes her mom’s hair the entire time they’re chatting about Daddy and Sea World tickets and the fact that everybody is “trippin’.”

Daddy especially was apparently trippin’ when he tried to shirk his breakfast duties and asked Robinson to get up to make Jayde’s breakfast instead. Both ladies were having none of that request.

“Daddy’s trippin’,” Jayde agrees with her mom. “He’s trippin’, girl.”

Every woman should have a trusted hairstylist pal like this to gab with about all the things. A hairstylist — or a daughter so cute, we just want to put her in our purse.
The video has garnered over 38,000 views on Instagram and — get this! — has more than 10 million views on Facebook. Now Robinson’s really trippin’.

“Oh…my…GOD,” she posted when she discovered “Salon Talk” had gone totally, insanely viral. “I just woke up and I think my phone is broke.”

Please, more “Salon Talk,” Kerry and Jayde. We are never, ever going to get tired of this.

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