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Toddler Gets Locked in Mom’s Car, Can’t Stop Smiling About It

Jennifer Mattern
Who doesn’t like firefighters? Especially most toddlers, who seem to love their bright outfits, heroic tales and majorly cool wheels.

So when a little guy in Cornwall, England, locked himself in his mom’s car, he wasn’t fazed one bit. If anything, he was pretty chuffed (Brit-speak for “super-stoked”) to find himself surrounded by local firefighters. Check out that grin:
Mom Kirsty Green was a little less chuffed about the situation.

While she was loading her groceries into the trunk, she dropped her car keys inside. Oops. Before she could pop the trunk from inside the car, Brandon, 14 months — who was chilling inside the car waiting for his mom — activated the central locking system quite handily. *Click*

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Green phoned for help from a grocery store and the Bude Community Fire Station crew was on the scene in no time.

At first, the crew tried to free Brandon using hand tools. That plan went out the window when one sharp-eyed firefighter spotted a 2 pence coin in the toddler’s mouth. Yikes!

The firefighters ever so gently smashed the rear window and crawled through to rescue Brandon, who was unharmed and pleased as punch.

No harm, no foul — just lots of cool firefighters and a very happy toddler.

“Thank you to the amazing guys who rescued my cheeky monkey after locking himself in the car today at Bude Lidl!!” Green posted in gratitude on Facebook. “He was clearly traumatised by the whole ordeal.”


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