Newborn Holds Mom's Lost IUD in #MirenaFail Birth Announcement

May 4, 2017 at 6:06 p.m. ET
Image: Lalocracio/Getty Images

Now, where did I put my IUD? Oh, there it is, wedged in my placenta. Here, baby, hold it while Mommy takes a picture.

It may sound absurd, but the above conversation isn't that far off for one new mom named Lucy Hellein.

Hellein's recent birth announcement is possibly the funniest one we've seen to date. It all began when she realized her IUD must have failed because — whoops! — she was pregnant.

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Hellein, who describes herself as a "crochet goddess & artist" on her Instagram page, delivered a strapping 9-pound baby boy on April 27. No big deal, just heavier than the average bowling ball.

After the birth, she and the doctor found that pesky IUD chilling in the hot mess of her placenta. Most women would have been happy to wave goodbye to the traitorous intrauterine device, but Hellein decided to fetch it out of the muck and use it — to great effect — in her birth announcement on Instagram.


The announcement photo? Her newborn, Dexter, clutching the IUD. Hellein hashtagged the picture, "#mirenafail."

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Now, if you're panicking and wondering if your own IUD could go missing inside your body, relax. Those suckers are 99 percent effective at preventing pregnancy. Hellein just happened to fall into that pesky 1 percent. As for her baby, well, the force is strong in that one. Hellein noted just how strong in another hashtag: "#littlejedi."

With a sense of humor like that, she's got motherhood locked up, y'all.