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This Mom Just Wants to Poo in Peace, but Her Kids Aren’t Having It

OK. We are officially dying of laughter over here, because Meredith Masonry (the always brutally honest That’s Inappropriate blogger) just posted a video of herself, well…trying to have a little toilet time. Alone.

Of course, that’s no easy feat when you have three kids. And Masonry captured the whole event, including one kid needing her to sign something. On the pot. Her response to this request:

“I don’t think your teacher wants me to sign your agenda while I’m on the toilet, OK? We’ve got poop particles in the air, OK?”

Poop particles in the air. Will you marry us, Meredith Masonry? You complete us.

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Another kid is hankering for some fruit snacks — and wants her to open the packet while she’s, well, doing her toilet thing. Again with the poop particles in the air. (She said it, not us. But we will quote her ’til the end of time.)

Aaaaaand then enters the kid who wants to read to Masonry during her poo session. Masonry somehow manages to praise her kid while getting her to LEAVE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

Best part? Even hubby refuses to wait and barges in looking for his wallet.

“Do I have your wallet? In the bathroom? With me while I’m pooping?”

We think that would hold up in divorce court. Just saying, Meredith, if you want to come live with us instead, we will give you all the privacy you need if you promise to just keep making weird videos that make us this happy.

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