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Video of Toddler Furious With Her Cheating Boyfriend Is Slaying Us

Well, Sawyer, that’s what you get for stepping out on your girlfriend Mila.

Two-year-old Mila spotted her beau Sawyer talking to another little girl at the park. She and her pink toy phone were having none of Sawyer’s brazen infidelity, so she let him have it on her toy phone in a video that is cracking up the internet.

Katie Stauffer, Mila’s mom, posted the video on Instagram, where it’s already scored over 231,000 views. Mila and her twin sister Emma are the ridiculously cute focus of their mom’s Instagram feed. Katie is a photographer, so the twins have enjoyed doing numerous photo shoots in addition to making videos. Check them out dressing up like various duos (like Red and Piper from Orange Is the New Black, for instance).

Mila can use her words better than most grown-ups we know. We appreciate her hilariously direct style (though we’re glad the message won’t make it to Sawyer on her fake phone — the poor kid might never recover). But we have to wonder: Where the hell is she getting this stuff?

If you can’t peek at the video now, here’s a recap:

A scowling, obviously cranky Mila sets the scene before “calling” Sawyer. “I saw Sawyer in the park with another girl. I was mad. I’m calling him right now. This is ridiculous.”

And hoo boy, Mila ain’t messing around.

“What are you doing? Sawyer, I saw you… hey, why are you mad at me? Don’t go to the park with her. I saw you. I’m so sad. Never, ever do that again.”

And then: “You’re nothing. I’m done with it.” Oof! Cold!

She ends her tirade with, “Never, ever mess with Mila.”

Fair enough, kid, but damn. Where is this hyper-precocious toddler learning to talk like this?

Mila’s mom also posted a video of her discussing the annoying boy at the movie theater who was kicking the back of her seat. “REALLY BOY??” yells Mila.

There’s no doubt Mila speaks her mind like a champ (and more eloquently than much older kids). But hey, maybe don’t grow up too fast, Mila? And cut Sawyer a little slack. He still needs naps, after all.

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