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Mom Leaves Babysitter Hilarious Note and Twitter Loves It

Our newest BFF is a mom who left her babysitter a very funny handwritten list of 10 “rules and tips” for caring for the kids.

No “In bed by 7:30.” No “Must eat vegetables or no dessert.” No “12 minutes of screen time, but teeth must be brushed clockwise and counterclockwise first.”

Nope, this mom had a very different approach, starting with, “I encourage the kids to watch as much TV as possible, so they will leave me the hell alone. Feel free to do the same.”

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Where was this mom when we were babysitting in the ’80s? (Of course, if there were moms like this back then, the whole premise of Adventures in Babysitting with Elisabeth Shue would have been blown. And we like that movie, so….)

This comedian mom also advised the babysitter to learn how to breastfeed her kids on YouTube and maybe avoid taking candy or kittens from any creepy dudes driving vans.

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When you know your kids are bad 😩😂 SWIPE LEFT

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She also commanded the babysitter to feed her kids “as much sugar as they want” and ended with one serious piece of wisdom: “Do not believe ANYTHING the kids tell you.” Preach.

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The babysitter sent pictures of the note to her boyfriend, Malik Brazile, who then posted her photos on Twitter. Welp, Twitter ate it up like candy and kittens from a dude in a van. The snapshots got 32,000 likes, 16,000 retweets and 100 replies (ranging from amused to confused to all-out worship of the sarcastic genius who penned the note) — so far.

Consider us official members of Sarcastic Mom’s fan club. Someone please create a sitcom based on this lady. Come on. It even sounds great: 10 Rules and Tips for Babysitting My Kids. (We’ll expect royalties, thank you.)

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