This Video of a Gentle C-Section Will Blow Your Mind



We all know birth is probably the most amazing experience out there on this weird planet of ours. But few of us get to witness birth unless it’s our own babies or we happen to be one of the tribe of doulas and midwives and doctors out there.

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So this stunning video clip from an obstetrician in Venezuela is a rare opportunity to see a newborn emerge into the world. But it’s even more amazing because, as natural as the moment appears, it’s actual a C-section — a “gentle” one.

During a gentle C-section, a baby isn’t immediately scooped from the womb. Instead the baby is allowed to emerge slowly, allowing their chest walls to be squeezed (to get out any and all fluid that might still be in the lungs) as in a vaginal birth. Then the baby is placed on the mom’s chest right away and breastfeeding can be initiated. Check this out: 

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