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This Hilarious Viral Video Has Us Asking, ‘Where’s Our Paid Leave?’

Sure, we all have that one friend who’s been pregnant for five years — wait, what?

When we heard there was a video circulating about a woman who’s been pregnant since 2012, well, it caught our attention. Because 1) what? 2) science 3) can you imagine being pregnant for five years straight? Seems uncomfortable.

The video comes from the National Partnership for Women & Families to draw attention to the absurdity of the lack of paid leave for parents in the U.S. (Yep, we think dads need it just as much as moms.)

The video is pretty damn genius if you ask us — and it would be hilarious if it weren’t so deadly accurate. In it, we meet Lauren, who’s been knocked up with the same kid since 2012 because she can’t possibly afford to take time off from her job without any paid leave.

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Instead, Lauren’s decided, hell, she’ll just stay pregnant… until she can accrue enough vacation to have her baby. How crazy is it that that almost sounds like a legitimate plan?

“It’s absurd that most US workers—86 percent—don’t have paid family leave through their employers,” the caption on the video says. “And only some are lucky enough to live in the four states that have paid family and medical leave laws. But we can change this.”

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How can we change it? The organization encourages contacting members of Congress to ask them “to watch the video and then stand up for a robust national paid family and medical leave program.”

That’s simple enough. And well worth the time.

Because even a fictional character who’s pregnant for five years makes our uteruses hurt.

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