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Serena Williams Is Pregnant [UPDATED]

Update, 4:00 PM EST: A few minutes after posting it, Serena Williams pulled her photo from Snapchat. There’s no official word on what any of this means, but people on social media are still losing their minds about it.

Serena Williams revealed on Snapchat that she’s 20 weeks pregnant! That likely explains why the tennis goddess pulled out of the Miami Open last month (a move her fans were not happy about).

We’re hoping her fans chill out and celebrate the news. The photo of her in a yellow swimsuit is pretty adorable, especially since you can baaaaaaarely see a baby bump at all yet in that cage of phenomenal abdominal muscles. We’re betting that the amazing Williams — ranked No. 2 in the world for tennis and No. 1 for general badassery — will barely break a sweat during childbirth.

Is this a Beyoncé crack-the-code situation? Does the bright yellow swimsuit signify something? Sex of the child? The number of creatures in her womb? Presence of Illuminati within a 50-yard radius?

Sometimes a swimsuit is just a swimsuit.

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“But will she return to tennis?” seems to be the question on most fans’ minds. Granted, Williams did crush the Australian Open in January and is — ho hum — maybe the greatest female tennis player of all time. So it’s understandable that fans might wonder.

But for now, we think Serena should keep rocking yellow swimsuits and just put her damn feet up. If she hasn’t earned a little time off to gestate, we’re not sure who has.

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