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Why You’ll Want to Bring Your Old Car Seat to Target Next Week

Target just hit the bull’s-eye with its latest announcement.

From Monday, April 17 to Sunday, April 30, parents who bring a used car seat to Target will receive 20 percent off any in-store or online purchase of another car seat. Once you get the discount, you have until May 31 to use it (in case it takes you that long to choose a new one).

We love this deal, because 1) who doesn’t love a bargain? and 2) it’s part of Target’s partnership with TerraCycle, which focuses on brainstorming solutions for hard-to-recycle waste. Plus, the endeavor is timed to overlap with Earth Day on April 22. So parents can be sure their kids are in the right size car seats (um, have you checked lately? Yikes, those growth spurts are no joke) and the planet’s landfills have to swallow less junk. Everyone wins!

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If you’re wondering just how much of a difference this campaign can make, Target expects to recycle more than 700,000 pounds of car seat materials. We had no clue that car seats were such a hefty contributor to landfills.

How does it work? Easy. Shoppers will find recycling bins for old car seats near the front of the store or in the baby section. Then they can flag down a team member and snag the 20 percent off coupon.

Target has already successfully tested the campaign, having trotted it out in 90 stores back in September. But this time, it will be available in most stores.

Safe kids, happier planet? Yup, we’re on board. Nice one, Target.

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