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Deployed Dad Finds a Way to Be Part of His Wife’s Maternity Photos

We love creative maternity photo shoots, especially ones that feature both parents. But what happens when the parents are 7,000 miles apart?

Ah, glad you asked. Nicole’s husband Wesley is deployed overseas, so Nicole decided to hire Traci at Traci Lynn Photography. Traci needed to figure out a way to make sure Wesley could be included in this incredibly special time even if he couldn’t be there in person. So the photographer devised a way to incorporate Wesley from half a world away to make the waiting game a little less bittersweet.

Deployed dad in Maternity photos 1
Image: Traci Lynn Photography

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The couple knew they wanted their maternity photo series to have a military vibe, so Nicole and Traci used a photo of Wesley as well as some dog tags in her pictures. The best part? Wesley had a friend take a photo of him — posing in just the right way — and Traci edited the pics together to create a one-of-a-kind maternity portrait that tugs at our heartstrings in a big way. Gah! No, we’re not crying, you’re crying.

Deployed Dad in maternity photos 2
Image: Traci Lynn Photography

Wesley’s deployment will keep him from being there for the baby’s birth too, but these gorgeous shots capture what it means for a father to really be there in spirit. Although we have no doubt Nicole and Wesley will have the pleasure of sharing diaper duty someday — and soon, we hope.

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