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This Mom’s Video Hilariously Captures the Difference Between Carrying One Baby vs. Twins

In today’s pregnancy is almost as cool as science fiction news: The internet can’t get enough of vlogger Natalie Bennett’s jaw-dropping baby bump comparison.

The mom of twin toddlers is now 36 weeks pregnant with a baby girl — and she created a video for YouTube comparing the dramatic belly difference between her pregnancies.

We bet you can guess which of Bennett’s pregnant bellies is bigger. (If you can’t guess, we probably can’t help you much with life. Just saying.)

But it’s just how much bigger that has the internet fascinated. That’s Bennett teetering on the verge of becoming more of a horizontal human being than a vertical one, ready to pop with twins at 36 weeks on one side. And that’s Bennett at 36 weeks with, you know, only one bun in the oven.

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Bennett wrote about the pregnancy with the twins, “I had a huge body by the end. My belly was so ridiculously large it looks inhuman…I had a huge torpedo belly sticking out like a freaking shelf.”

Seriously, the internet can’t even with Bennett’s twins belly. And we understand why. It’s not every day you see a belly reaching clear across a room to get itself a glass of water.

We admit that we’re kind of hoping a quintuplets-expecting vlogger will be the next to do a video comparison. We’re weird like that. (We’re betting it’s just a matter of time too.)

Bennett’s current pregnancy is a relative breeze compared to carrying twins. “The pregnancy itself was so much less comfortable than what it is now,” she says. “I had twice as many doctors appointments. I would say that this pregnancy just overall has been more convenient because it has been so straightforward.”

Nothing about pregnancy is really “convenient,” but if you start with twins, we can imagine this one-off thing feeling pretty chill. Maybe all of us moms should kick things off with multiples and power down nice and easy afterward.

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