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Ford Creates Max Motor Dream Crib to Mimic Car Rides

We are so down with Ford taking on crib design — as long as they branch out and create beds for adult insomniacs next.

The car company has designed the coolest crib ever (prototype only thus far): the Max Motor Dream. No more will sleep-deprived, drooling new parents have to stumble out to the car with a wailing baby at 2 a.m. to drive around the neighborhood to get that baby to sleep (which really, when you think about it, is a pretty unsafe idea).

The Max Motor Dream replicates a car ride. The frame looks like a basic baby cot, but the crib is more like a Disneyland ride than a bed. What does it do? All the things that babies love about cars. It imitates the feel of riding along blissfully, complete with the glow of passing streetlights and the faux hum of an engine. Parents can also use some kind of app (this part is a little confusing to us) that will mirror the noise, motion and lights of the family’s particular car in the crib.

Witchcraft, we tell you. Witchcraft that we want right now. Give us the witchcraft, Ford. Give us a queen-size bed frame that purrs and we will never need Motrin PM with a vodka chaser again. What? Oh. The babies. The sleepless babies, right. As we were saying…

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According to the Good Housekeeping Institute’s chief technologist, Rachel Rothman, “Sleeping should always be done in a sleep-safe environment, ideally a crib or bassinet that meets the CPSC’s safety standards and is free of anything inside of it (no pillows, blankets, toys, etc.). While we have yet to see or test this item in person, this could presumably provide a safer alternative than your child sleeping in a car seat to gain the benefits of the lulling nature of a car ride.”

Parents’ responses to the prototype are obviously pretty positive, so Ford may turn this “one-off pilot” into something available to the (underslept) public.

In the meantime, all is not lost: Harvey Karp’s $1,100 Snoo is a groovy smart crib that is “algorithmically designed” and provides delicious noise and motion based on your baby’s specific needs.


Anyway, babies are getting luckier by the minute.

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