How Teens Deal With Online Social Dynamics (VIDEO)

According to Common Sense Media, teenagers spend an average of nine hours a day using media — and a significant portion of that use involves social media. Teens are congregating online, in Facebook messenger, on Instagram group chats, on Snapchat, Houseparty, Kik… the number of social media destinations seems to increase every day. And as the landscape evolves, the opportunities for our kids to get hurt — or hurt others — increases.

We asked our Hatch teens to tell us how they communicate with their friends and what they feel are the risks and opportunities that come from socializing online. The takeaway? While this kind of social media use is completely natural for our Hatch teens, they’re more than aware of the downside. They’ve seen the pain that a cruel joke or a shared rumor can cause. But that doesn’t mean they’re going to stop using social media. They’re smart enough to know that it’s important to be respectful and kind. As one teen put it, “It’s all about the choices that you make.” 


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