Here’s a Graphic Reminder That Grapes Are a Choking Hazard

Hey, you there. We know, we know — you’re busy. But those whole grapes you’re serving to your kids are little chunks of danger. It’s not a myth, and we’ve got some scary visual proof to get the point across.

So get slicing — and slice them lengthwise (yeah, we also know you’re not Bobby Flay, but if we can manage it, so can you). Slicing grapes into circles won’t help, because the width of a grape is the same size as a small child’s airway. (We’re just full of fun, cheery facts today!)

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And guess what? This isn’t only a warning for those of you with toddlers. An Australian blogger, Angela Henderson, shared an X-ray of a grape lodged in the throat of a 5-year-old — and it’s worth looking at, if you’re still skeptical about the need to keep slicing those grapes.
“Please be mindful that not all kids chew their food, are in a rush at school to get in the playground, etc.” Henderson posted to Facebook. “Please be careful. And when in doubt just cut the damn grapes [and] baby tomatoes.”

We’d add hot dogs to the list too.

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Henderson reported that the little boy in the X-ray required an operation under general anesthesia to remove the whole grape wedged in his windpipe. He survived only because part of us airway remained open until the doctors could perform emergency surgery. Henderson said that the boy’s mom offered up the image of the X-ray to be shared to make sure others are taking this whole cutting grapes thing seriously.

Well. We’re buying a new paring knife today. You?


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