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Rockabye Baby Releases Lullaby Version of Hamilton

Want to be in the room where it happens? Well, good news. Hamilton is now playing down the hall in the nursery.

We’ve been trying really hard not to sing about bastards and sons of whores in front of the kids (Lin-Manuel Miranda, this is all your fault), but the Hamilton soundtrack is too damn addictive. Which is why Rockabye Baby produced a new version of eight songs from the mega-hit Broadway musical — all in lullaby fashion.

And listen, this is something to enjoy even if you don’t have kids in the age range for Rockabye Baby. We see you there with your lavender-scented eye mask and sound machine from Brookstone. Wouldn’t you rather fall asleep to the sweet sound of an instrumental “Schuyler Sisters”? WORK! (Quietly.) 

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Rockabye has given the lullaby treatment to everybody from Beyoncé to the Foo Fighters, so they’re pros at this by now. We sampled the album, and frankly, we’ll listen to it even if the baby’s not around. Check it out.

“Hamilton is a phenomenon,” said Lisa Roth, vice president and creative director of CMH Label Group. “Actually, what’s a word that means something bigger than a phenomenon? Supernatural? When folks on our social media and personal friends started asking for a lullaby version, I couldn’t wait to oblige. Its hip-hop anthems are beyond Broadway and perfect for Rockabye Baby!. Not to mention, I was raised on musical theater. Having the opportunity to mix Rockabye Baby! with a Broadway smash was personally pure pleasure.”

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We’re helpless. And satisfied. And Peggy!

You can stream the album on Spotify or commit big time and buy it on iTunes and Apple Music ($9) or on Amazon ($8). If you’re the miserly kind, feel free to purchase individual tracks for 99 cents. But if you do it that way, well, we’re thinking you’ll be back. (See what we did there?)

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