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Reddit Dads Really Hate This Onesie — and for Good Reason

On the fatherly parenting side of the popular forum and discussion website, Reddit — cleverly termed Daddit — one dad snapped a photo of a onesie at a store that tried poking fun at dads everywhere. The Reddit dads were not amused.

Image: Reddit

The onesie’s design features plain black text with arrows labeling the head and armholes, as well as the bottom snaps. The labels are then tied together with the middle text that says, “This shirt is Daddy-proof.” I mean, completely genius, am I right? What better way to capitalize on baby humor than by going with the tried and true idea that “dads are stupid and can’t take care of their kids because that’s a mom’s job”! Hilarious!

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Other dads on the forum chimed in with their frustration about the idea that dads aren’t meant to take care of their kids because they simply can’t. And for good reason: The joke is as tired as the rhetoric around dads being incompetent at parenting, and it needs to be changed. As one reader observed, “I crush my wife at onesies and diapers.” Another expressed his disappointment with the design, stating that “I am a super involved dad. Like someone else mentioned – we don’t babysit, we parent too.”

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People need to give dads more credit, and frankly, people need to stop judging the capabilities of any family’s members, whether they’re impeccably qualified (whatever that means) or lacking in skills because you never know what someone’s story is. A family could be mixed and matched together in a variety of ways, and assuming only one way works isn’t the most productive way to think. We’ve believed that Mom takes care of the kids and Dad leaves that to Mom while he takes care of things like cars and household appliances. We should be well past this kind of rigid thinking — and the dumb jokes that reflect it.

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