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Incredibly Adorable Girl Welcomes Robot Overlord

Robots, as we all know, will soon control everything we know and love. Oh, sure, right now they’re our servants, vacuuming our detritus without so much as a peep, burning Donald Trump’s tweets for us. But it won’t be long before the singularity arrives and these servants become our masters.

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And this little girl, for one, is ready. Mistaking a broken water heater for a robot, she greets it in the customary manner (“Hi, robot!”) and then embraces it, proclaiming, “I love you, robot.” The broken water heater, being only a broken water heater and, thus, lacking sentience, can only stand there, feeling nothing — the panel with its sort of eye sockets bobbing in the breeze.

But even if the broken water heater wasn’t moved by this adorable display, we were. This is ridiculously cute. And we congratulate this girl on an excellent dress rehearsal for the real event. If you can’t fight the robots when they arrive in your town, proclaim your love and hope for the best!

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