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Nate Berkus and husband Jeremiah Brent Are Happy to be TV’s Newest Gay Dads

Plot synopsis: Two gay interior designers — who also happen to be married to each other — save the world from bad home renovations, raise an adorable toddler daughter and squabble endearingly.

And it’s all real! It’s TLC’s latest reality TV offering, Nate & Jeremiah by Design starring Nate Berkus and his husband, Jeremiah Brent.

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The series marks a much-awaited return to television for Oprah pal Berkus and gives a zesty real-life, real-family twist to the usual home-makeover TV genre.

The premise: We get to follow the husbands in LA as they redesign the hell out of horrific houses gone wrong. And you know, fight like old married people and raise their cute kid.

“It’s a renovation show, but you’re also getting to come into the lives of two gay dads and their family, so that’s a great thing in and of itself,” said Brent.

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“You can see that we’re just like you,” Brent added. “We both believe in opening up the doors and letting people know that we love the way you love. We eat dinner the way you eat dinner. Everything about us is the same, and as cliché as the saying is, love is love. That’s exactly what the show is about.”

The show promises plenty of (endearing and photogenic) conflict, as Berkus and Brent say they don’t always see eye to eye.

“Design is the one thing that we always agree on,” said Berkus.

“I’d say that we always end up agreeing,” joked Brent.

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