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Children Fare Better With Older Mothers, Report Shows

Children are better off if their mothers wait a little later in life to have them, a recent study from Aarhus University reports.

Women who waited until they were at least 30 to have children are less stressed and more joyful after giving birth. They are also less likely to punish their children while raising them, and their children have fewer “behavioral, social and emotional difficulties.”

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There are countless reasons a woman might want to wait to have children. Women in society are more educated than ever, live longer than ever and are more involved in stable relationships as they age. Putting off having children in order to establish your education and career is a more and more common occurrence every year and being more “settled” can contribute to less worrisome pregnancies and motherhoods.

Giving birth at an older age is not without its potential downfalls, however. Older women are at a higher risk for pregnancy complications such as high blood pressure and diabetes, miscarriages and birth defects.

Overall, according to the study, the children of older mothers are healthier emotionally and socially. Researchers attribute this to these women being more “flexible” mentally, as well as a tolerance gained with age.

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