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Babies Are Getting Spa Treatments, Now

Because their lives are incredibly stressful, babies can now take a day off at the spa. Baby Spa and Float Baby, with locations in Australia and Texas, now offer a personalized relaxation experience for all babies up to 6 months old. Check out these Instagram pics, people.

OK, so the photos are cute. Very cute. Painfully adorable. But what goes on at an actual baby spa?

Your baby gets personalized massage and hydrotherapy sessions by the relaxation experts. Later, your child is outfitted in a swimsuit and buckled into a specially designed flotation device that keeps their head over the water while allowing their body to float free in their own little tub.

Here’s a better question: Why do babies deserve a spa day?

There is apparently some science behind the spas, which claim their practices to be part of a larger developmental technique. In addition to supporting mental development, hydrotherapy allows babies to work on their coordination and strengthen their muscular and cardiovascular systems. The massage can also help improve a baby’s digestive and sleep patterns.

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And what can you as a parent take away from the experience?

The spas advertise an unmatched parent-child bonding experience. And maybe that’s true — if you can get over the fact that you’re paying $85 for an oblivious baby’s massage and not your own. It’s more likely that you’ll instead get to walk away with dozens of adorable photos of your baby, which you can post to justify any of your second thoughts.

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