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19-Year-Old Gives Most of His $500,000 Lotto Win to His Very Own Parents

Ever wish your kids would one day stop asking for more money? Or simply repay you for your sacrifices with half a million dollars in cold, hard cash?

Well, some dreams do come true. Last week, a 19-year old from Michigan bought a winning scratch-off at a gas station worth $500,000. After realizing it wasn’t a fake, the kid made a jaw-dropping decision of what to do with the winnings.

No macho cars, no wild parties. He has chosen to keep $5,000 to invest for himself and hand the rest of the cash over to his parents. Yes, you read that correctly — his parents.

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“My parents have done so much for my sister and me, helping them takes a big weight off of their shoulders and mine,” he told the Michigan Lottery.

It can’t be… does this teenager mean to be saying, “Thank you, Mom and Dad, for feeding, bathing, nurturing, educating and funding me”?! This lucky teen may be onto something.

The financial pressure of having kids in its entirety is borderline colossal. According to CNN Money, the cost of raising a child is a terrifying $233,610 — and that’s before college expenses. Not to mention the monetary equivalent of the extreme and everlasting child-induced stress.

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So let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. This kid has to bang out a couple more scratch offs before he really makes a statement. But tell us, lottery gods, what must these parents have done right to raise a kid like that? And how can we guarantee the luck of our own gas-station-lotto-ticket-buying kids?

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