Sneak Peek of Little Women: LA Star Bonding With Newborn Son

We admit it: We never get tired of video clips of mothers meeting their babies for the first time.

Lifetime released an exclusive sneak peek of its show Little Women: LA, featuring main cast member Jasmine Arteaga Sorge’s very first moments snuggling her newborn son, Benjamin Michael.

“After a few hours of surgery, my baby boy is finally here,” Sorge says in the video clip. (Benjamin joins big brother Mason.) 

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“I think we’re going to go with Benjamin,” she tells him. “You kind of look like a Benjamin to Mama.” 

Sorge’s pregnancy was a difficult one — with Sorge’s health at stake — and now the new mom is pretty sure she knows why. Benjamin arrived on Dec. 1 at 21 inches long, weighing an impressive 8 pounds — a lot of real estate for Sorge’s petite frame. “No wonder why I had such a rough pregnancy,” Sorge continues, “My baby is a big boy.”

No matter. Sorge and husband Chris are obviously overjoyed that Benjamin arrived safely. “I’m so overjoyed right now. This pregnancy was not easy but holding this little angel makes it all worth it,” Sorge says.

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In February, Sorge’s words about her boys melted fans: “I don’t know what I’ve done in my life to deserve to be Mommy to my beautiful boys, but I will spend a lifetime dedicating everything to them.”

That’s sweet and all, but we kind of hope Sorge doesn’t go all Mother Teresa on us and lose her reality TV edge. We still need our guilty television pleasure on Tuesday nights. Claws out, please.


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